We are dedicated to supporting children age 0-17 who are touched by cancer or the bereavement of a loved one.

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In a safe and informal setting we encourage families to work together and be creative. Arts and Crafts, Drama and music are some of the activities children look forward to participating in.

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Care packages are available for first time visitors and those families who cannot access our weekly creative art sessions, which contain useful information and resources for caregivers and children.

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Miss Nicola Jane Dady - Founder

In January 2010 I was diagnosed with late stage Transitional Cell Carcinoma (A rare form of Kidney Cancer).

As a result of this I underwent an emergency nephro- ureterectomy (Removal of the left Kidney and Ureter), and a mixture of cancer killing drugs for the tumours which grew in my bladder.

In that period I spent most of my time in the hospital. My two young children (7and 3) stayed with various family members. Being a single parent of two, as I’m sure you can imagine, our lives were turned upside down.

Though at this time I had the continued support of medical professionals, family and friends to help me to cope with the severity of the situation.

There was one thing they could not help me with. The terrible guilt I felt as my children suffered as a result of my sudden illness.

The school the children attend were amazing, as they supported and were sensitive to the massive changes we were all facing.

However there was very limited support available to us outside the school environment.

I sought help from a number of well known agencies and to my surprise nobody could give my children the support they needed at this tragic time, as I had not been diagnosed ’Terminally ill!’

I just couldn’t believe there were NO support groups focusing on the children, or in fact, any support groups for Cancer patients in which their children were welcome to attend.

That is when I first came up with the idea ’Don’t Forget The Kids.’ I thought, “ There should be a place where families can come and have fun together allowing the children to realise they are not alone and that there are many, many children going through similar circumstance.

At the time. I merely just thought I would suggest it to these well known organisations in hope that they would start some sort of support for the children of London.

Little did I know that with the help of an amazing team, I would be the one starting this organisation myself.



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